This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

- corrected mistake in example ExtraConfig.xml
- added special option for 'CultureForDateParsing' that can adapt to either EN-US or EN-GB as needed (Flexi-GB-US)

- refactored ReportHistoryFetching for future changes
- added ReportHistoryFetcher for SSRS 2005
- UseReportLog appConfig option renamed to UseReportHistory to make it clearer
- ShowClientLog appConfig option renamed to ShowClientDebugLog to make it clearer
- ReportHistoryFormat appConfig option added (currently supports 2005, 2008 - more to follow)
- Added ability for CrissCross to log its usage to its own database - see StoreCrissCrossHistory option and the script in the Resources folder
- tweaked font size in lightweight singlepick control
- parameterised item limits for slow browser mode in CrissCrossClient.js

various improvements to handling of browsers with slow javascript (ie6, ie7, ie8):
--- warning message pops up in ie6 (because its untested as a client to-date)
--- client side will automatically switch to 'slow browser mode' if detects ie6, ie7 or ie8
--- slow browser mode = turns of jquery animations on the report page,
and single-selects with > 300 items are rendered as standard html-select instead of fancy widget
and multi-selects with > 200 items are rendered as tokeniser (type and choose) with option dual-list dialog
--- this.browserAdaptMode in CrissCrossClient.js can be altered to tune behaviour (see comments in CrissCrossClient.js)
--- bug where long selects were truncated when slow browser mode was on is fixed
--- help page and tour updated to reflect changes
--- slowBrowserMode no longer in web.config because client adapts itself

And also the following general changes:
- picklists wider to make better use of screen space
- datepicker shows extra days on either end of month (to fill weeks in)
- default date bug fixed details
- better error reporting when choice mapping fails
- html-escaping of picklist options details
- url-escaping of param choices sent to server when report run details to fix ampersand-in-value bug
- jsonSerialization size limit increased details

- browsers with slow javascript (IE8 and below) were struggling with large picklists, so added SlowBrowserMode option in web.config to make CrissCross use more lightweight 'selectlist' multipicks.
- reportviewer scales to users browser window size when report is run to avoid nested scrollbars
- fixed empty parameter bug details
- adjusted erichynds multipick so that it works better in Chrome in single-pick mode details
- jquery tweak to make report viewer render properly in Chrome (see here)

- better handling of IE8 in compatibility mode
- extra space on bottom of report page to avoid drop-down scroll problem

- reportviewer now uses whole width of page
- help page added
- on-screen intro with tour
- better display of ssrs report description on Report page
- report-hints can go in extraconfig and be displayed on Report page
- bool params with specific values (e.g. Yes/No) now handled
- run report button moved in with parameters on report page, after run is hidden until Change Parameters is pressed.
- homepage now shows popular folders in 'all reports' section
- link to full report list added to menu

- proper handling of web services in fixed user mode (nb; you must set Application Pool to appropriate account)
- updated web.config comments and readme.txt to reflect changes
- updated About page to show impersonation settings

- Added error page
- Caching improved (cache is thread safe, cached items refreshed after 30-45 mins)

- Elmah added for error logging
- fix null bug in dependant parameter handling
- in ExtraConfig, parameters can have specific EmptyEquivalent values
- report paths properly url encoded when passes as parameters
- hierarchical report list now includes report descriptions
- fixed hidden parameter bug
- link from report page back to hierarchical folder view

- web service used for parameter setup rather than ReportViewer component
- support for dependant parameters
- refactoring web service use to allow better unit testing
- intelligent handling of 'emptyequivalent' values in multipicks

- Initial release to Codeplex.

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