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A custom web interface for running SSRS reports, based on the SSRS Web Services and SSRS ReportViewer component.


CrissCross is an open-source ASP.NET application that provides an alternative front-end for running SSRS Reports.
That is, a way of running SSRS reports that is like the 'Report Manager' that comes with SSRS, but different
and more customisable. It is built using the standard ASP.NET ReportViewer component and the SSRS web services.



For more screenshots/features see the Screenshots Page

CrissCross is also on GitHub at


CrissCross is designed to connect to SQL 2008 SSRS. SQL 2005 SSRS and SQL 2008 R2 SSRS also work.

It is written in ASP.NET 3.5 and can run on most recent versions of IIS and hence most Windows Servers.
Works with all the main browsers, but because it uses the Microsoft ReportViewer ASP.NET component, some features work better in IE (7,8 or 9)

Latest Version

Current version is a Beta version of the software - most of the core features are working and stable, but there may be occasional bugs (see documentation). It is however being used in production in at least two sites that I know of.

Getting Started

See Getting Started

See also general documentation at Documentation


CrissCross logs errors to log.txt in the App_Data folder, so check in there if you are having problems.

For documentation, discussions and to log bugs to the Issue Tracker, please go to the various sections of this codeplex site

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