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SSRS 2005

CrissCross was developed with SSRS 2008 in mind, but it works well with SSRS 2005, providing the following are done:

Report History Format

If you are using the Report History feature (i.e. crisscross.UseReportHistory is true in web.config settings) then you need to tell it to use the 2005 format, by setting crisscross.ReportHistoryFormat to "2005" in the web.config settings.


When the user presses Print in the Report Viewer, the Report Viewer component uses an ActiveX component called RSClientPrint to manage the printing.

CrissCross uses ReportViewer 9, and printing should work OK with SSRS 2005 as long as either:
  • SQL 2005 SP3 Cumulative Update 8
  • SQL 2005 SP4 or later

... are installed. If not, read on:

RSClientPrint problems

There are various things that can go wrong with ReportViewer printing, leading to the error “Unable to load client print control” - see this blog post for a round-up of things that can lead to this error:

If you're using CrissCross and SSRS 2005, and you don't have either
  • SQL 2005 SP3 Cumulative Update 8
  • SQL 2005 SP4 or later

... and can't upgrade to one of them, one thing you can do is install SQL 2005 SP4 on another test server, and transplant the files from the SP4 install to your SSRS server.

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