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CrissCross logs info to various places to help with debugging:

CrissCross logs general info to log.txt in the App_Data folder
The log.txt logging is done via log4net, and the log4net settings (if you want to change them) are in the logging.config file in the CrissCross folder.
If you're not getting a Log.txt file then make sure that the Application Pool account in IIS has write access to the CrissCross/App_Data folder and its sub-folders.

Elmah is used for error logging, so check Elmah if you are having problems:
- On the local server, browse to (your virtual folder)/elmah.axd to see the error log.
- Or, on the local server, go to the CrissCross 'About' page where there is a link to the error log
- Or see the XML files in the App_Data\ErrorLog folder.

On the client side, the javascript code running on the CrissCross report page will write a log to the bottom of the page if crisscross.ShowClientDebugLog is set to true in the web.config

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